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A big task, for sure. The Huffington Post sat down with NPH as he took a break from rehearsing his fourth episode of "Best Time Ever" to talk about the Internet, his pranking philosophy and why Barney Stinson probably won't be making an appearance anytime soon. So, I've seen you chatting with fans on Twitter.

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With all but rich, womanizing Barney scene-stealing Neil Patrick Harris chasing dreams and planning for the future, the result is richer and more earnest than your typical sitcom. This is no static workplace comedy or rinse-repeat tale of funny family life. As the narration from the future reminds us, life, as Ted Josh Radnor and his friends know it, is destined to end.

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Fans got to know the mother and watch her become a real character in the show for the first time, but they were not able to actually witness the moment she and Ted meet until the last five minutes of the final episode. While their meeting was the moment that everyone had been waiting for since the very first episode, it was not what had everybody talking after the series finale. Viewers almost did not have time to process what was happening while the mother is revealed to be deceased for six years, the kids encourage Ted to call Robin, and he makes his way to her apartment, holding out the one and only blue french horn.

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Nevertheless, the one-hour finale reinforced the sense that this was a show willing to take chances, and one that at its best deftly mixed melancholy and sentimentality with — finally — how to reach happily ever after. Somewhat appropriately, the series came back to its key characters, zeroing in on the relationship between Ted and Robin Cobie Smulders that often felt so right in season one. For many, the emotion of the hour will overcome such nitpicking, and there was certainly a lot of heart in it — the best moment in that regard coming from Neil Patrick Harriswhen the skirt-chasing Barney finally comes face to face with the woman who will actually change him, his baby daughter. As a bonus, the network had the multi-talented Harris as a ready-made host for events from the Tonys to the Emmys.

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Tantrum is an energy drink which according to Future Ted has "the highest caffeine level legally available over the counter". In college, Ted and Marshall drank this during the road trip from Wesleyan to the pizzeria Gazzola's. The drink brought on a severe caffeine high and according to Ted, made him colorblind for two weeks.

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By Nikki Finke. Understandably, Thomas and Bays had requested a decision to be made by the end of this month because of the overarching mythology of the show, which needs to finally begin building toward that big mother reveal when an end date is set. It was well-known that Segel was the lone holdout with everyone else wanting to continue.

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Archives RSS. The show as a whole sits in limbo as corporate cats decide its future. It's still unknown if the current season will be its last, or if it will go on to season 9. That means the creative forces putting the show together don't know when they will need to wrap it up.

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Ted had a comfortable upbringing, especially since the entire Mosby family is known for its avoidance of any subject that would bring discomfort or conflict. Ted had very few friends growing up, an inside joke among his current crew, but bonded quickly with best friend Marshall Eriksen as college freshmen at Wesleyan. Apartment 4C has two bedrooms, the other currently occupied by Marshall and Lily.

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Sign in. Robin Scherbatsky : You and me? That's insane.


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